Employment Investigations

Employment Investigations

On a daily basis employers across the country are victims of theft, fraud and abuse of trust. The consequences can sometimes be devastating for business profits and success.

This is area that can be difficult and often daunting for an employer to handle. It is crucial that the correct procedures are followed.
When an employee breaches the conditions of employment contract, steals from or defrauds their employer or other significant issues arise, the employer must adhere to a strict process before making decisions and taking action.

In cases where the correct process is overlooked or breached, employers can find themselves further disadvantaged, the subject of grievance claims, and at further loss as a result of a court order against them.

Employment investigations can be conducted to detect and resolve:

  • Breach of employment contracts
  • Losses resulting from theft or fraud
  • Drug use, in or about the workplace
  • Violence and intimidation situations
  • Misuse of employers time, assets or intellectual property
  • Conviction history checks
  • CV verification and other history checks

Criminal activity in the workplace or misuse of company time or property can act like a virus. It can spread, particularly when other employees witness criminal activity by their peers. Our clients will tell you that “weeding out one bad apple improved the whole crop”.

It is vitally important to keep an open mind when investigating matters of theft, fraud or other workplace crime. Even the most ‘trusted and responsible’ employees can be involved.

Workplace crime can be stopped, offenders brought to justice and recovery made.

If you have evidence or suspect crime or other misdemeanours are occurring in your workplace environment, consult us without delay.